"SING A NEW SONG: celebration"

God’s presence in our lives is not a small thing, or a big thing, it is everything.
He is our reason to celebrate.
We can choose to live in the pain of the past, the happening of the moment,
or let all we’ve learned produce comfort, wisdom, compassion, peace, and even joy within us.
 Just as certain events can cause our lives to come to a complete stop,
God calls us to a new start today.
Just as tears are brought on by pain and sorrow, God calls us today to celebrate.
To laugh and to sing,
To throw off mourning and sorrow,
To rejoice,
Today is the time to plan a celebration!
God, You are a loving Father.
Thank You for taking great delight in me and for calming all my fears.
Thank You for rejoicing over me with singing.
I sing praises to You, Father. I will not, I cannot be silent.
Precious Father, loving God, I will give You thanks forever!
(prayer based on Zephaniah 3:17)

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CD Tracks
Sing for Joy
All Things Are Possible
I Will Not Be Afraid
You Shine
When the Night is Falling
In the Calm
The Love of Christ
Only a God Like You
Here I Am to Worship
You Are Holy
I Give You My Heart
Lord You Have My Heart
Rushing Wind

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